The Secret Ashes Diaries


The Secret Ashes Diaries
The Blurb

Cricket’s greatest legends.
Sport’s fiercest rivalry.
Wisden’s fakest diaries.

CrickiLeaks charges headlong onto the players’ balcony and imagines 40 cricketing diaries of rare wit and invention, along with the illustrated book covers they might have inspired. An irreverent and entertaining collection of Ashes diaries that finally lays to rest some of cricket’s greatest mysteries:

What exactly was going through Gatting’s mind as he faced the ball of the century?
Why did Ricky Ponting lose his rag with Ronald McDonald?
What really went on between Douglas Jardine and Daphne the Koala in Adelaide Zoo?

CrickiLeaks is a riotous and uniquely scurrilous addition to any cricket-lover’s library.

The Reviews
Delightfully not cricket ... Don't try reading it aloud to friends: it is impossible not to break down laughing.
The Spectator
Devour in one go or relish in the bathroom: the new one from Tyers and Beach is compelling either way.
Beautifully illustrated and hilarious.
Sport Magazine
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Douglas Jardine*
...if I wish to go into Adelaide Zoo and defile a prize koala, I shall do so, and I shall answer to nobody but the Marylebone Cricket Club. Frankly, the creature was asking for it, and I should do the same again, national animal or not. I shall send it an ashtray later to smooth things over, and as far as I am concerned, that is the end of the matter.
Mike Gatting*
The Secret Ashes Diaries
Andrew Flintoff*
Another huge barney with Fletcher over selection. It’s New Year’s Eve and he wants a choice of light beers and soft drinks for the party? I told him I want Sambuca, and plenty of it. And after what happened at cricket practice this morning, we’ll probably need a fire extinguisher...
Andrew Strauss*
The Secret Ashes Diaries
Rod Marsh*
This diary will serve as a record of my time as director of the English national academy and will be read only by myself and my handler back in the Australian Cricket Board. No names, no pack drill, but he goes by the top- secret codename AB. If you’re reading, AB mate, g’day...
Merv Hughes*
The Secret Ashes Diaries